Accessory-Gel Wine Cooler Jacket
Accessory-Gel Wine Cooler Jacket
Chills wine in 5 minutes, keeps cool for hours!
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We are constantly amazed at how often we use our wine cooler jackets, and how useful they are-we use these all the time at tastings and events! With the elegant Fortunati logo, this "active gel" cooler sleeve is extremely efficient in quickly chilling any bottle and keeping bottles at the perfect drinking temperature. Keep them stored in the freezer-their design allows them to fold flat, taking hardly any space, and then they'll be instantly available when you need one.  We've found multiple uses for these-they're great for keeping water bottles and lunch packs cool, and make prefect "boo-boo" packs and headache relievers, too! Flexible, durable, stylish and eco-friendly, this product gets our enthusiastic endorsement as an item you will use again and again!