Accessory-Professional Corkscrew
Accessory-Professional Corkscrew
Modern tech meets the traditional wine key
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The duo-lever wine key (corkscrew) is the tool professionals in the wine trade reach for time after time.  Technology innovations and superior materials makes this the go-to wine opener for connoisseurs.  The stainless worm (or spiral) is coated in durable teflon to improve the ease of insertion into corks of all materials.  The worm itself has been redesigned with precise helix rotations to maximize grip while minimizing the amount of internal pressure, which can lead to corks shattering.  Corks may disentegrate for many reasons, but it won't be due to this tool tearing them apart!

The greatest innovation is the 2-part duo-lever itself.  The stainless steel lever has two sections to it, allowing the top section to rest against the lip of the bottle at a much higher position, whereupon the user merely pulls up on the handle with an easy pull entirely accomplished with the wrist. Then the lever is repositioned to the lower section of the lever, and the same easy motion is repeated. The higher stop position allows greater upward torq to be applied to the cork than a stop at a lower level. No more grabbing a bottle between your knees and using your entire arm to obtain leverage!  People who have formerly struggled to open bottles are amazed at how easily they can do so now using this well made, duo-lever corkscrew!