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We love hearing from you! We've gathered a sampling of guest and member reviews below to give a sense of what to expect from Fortunati wines, membership and our tasting experience.


"Nice variety of wines selection to select from. Well made, well balanced wines. Well priced for the ultra- premium quality. Nice people behind the brand. Good story. Great tasting experience. Overall, wonderful.

Join the wine subscription if you're (fortunati) fortune enough to get some as I understand its fully allocated."

- Chuck S., Denver, CO


Fortunati Cork

"We moved to Napa in the middle of the Covid Pandemic. We didn't know a soul in town, but just decided this is where we wanted to be. Soon after we moved we thought it would be fun to do a wine tasting. We didn't know anything about Fortunati but saw the sign on the fence one day while driving by. I'm fairly positive Ellen answered the phone and she was so gracious and welcoming. The next day we went for our tasting outside with Kat. The first sip of the Chardonnay and I was blown away. It was perfect, and for me that is hard to say because I'm not a huge white wine connoisseur. Our tasting continued, and we met Ellen and the dogs. It was just a charming afternoon on the patio. I could see in the future when things return to normal riding our bikes down for winery events, so we signed up to be members on the spot. I really appreciate the intimacy of the property, the quality of the wines are top notch, and every experience I have had has been wonderful. We just feel so lucky to have found you, and that you are so close to our house." - Courtney F., Napa, CA

"Thank you for hosting my guests today! They literally enjoyed every facet of their Fortunati tasting-experience. So much so, they decided to join the wine-club. You all make my tours a customer “favorite”… with the privilege of taking my guests to such an intimate & boutique experience. Cheers!"

Jim G., Driver in Napa, CA


“We have been here to Napa 8-10 times and this is definitely my favorite. Thanks so much."

- Lee D., St. Pete, FL

Fortunate Rose


“Smoker is rolling, yard work is complete! Now time to settle in with one of the best Rose’ I’ve tasted! Thank you @fortunativineyards for the great experience!"

- @wardellhaywoodhomes on Instagram

Fortunate Pinot Noir

“I'm so annoyed! I really wanted to hate that last wine. And frankly, all subsequent ones. However, all were EXCELLENT, and I couldn't eliminate any from purchase. Sorry, I tried! Best winery, ever."

- Sheila R., Clevelend, OH