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We love hearing from you! We've gathered a sampling of guest and member reviews below to give a sense of what to expect from Fortunati wines, membership and our tasting experience.

Five Stars

"Incredible atmosphere, wine is epic! A first class experience in every way. We will be back again soon."

- Jeff C. Google Review (February 2024)

"I just wanted to thank you for the wine tasting yesterday. Our host made it so fun and elegant at the same time. It was the best tasting that my family and I had the whole weekend. We all became members and our trunks were loaded for the ride home!

My husband is not easily impressed by anything in life, LOL, but all the way home and even last night he kept talking about how much he learned and how it was the best tasting he had ever been to.

- Denise S. (February 2024)

Five Stars

"What an amazing experience! The wine and cheese tasting was truly memorable, and to take home delicious and affordable wines is rare in the valley. Add Fortunati to your list of spots for your vacation or pop in as a local. You will not be disappointed!"

- Carole M. Google Review (February 2024)

Five Stars


“Gary makes some of the finest wines in wine country at very affordable prices. He makes great wines – period."

-  Captain Steve, owner of Ultimate Wine Tours who offer highly customized winery tours throughout Napa and Sonoma (rated 2023 Best of Sonoma Wine Tour Agency), October 2023

"During my family visit last week in Rye, NY, I was waiting for 2 bottles of wine to arrive. One day before our departure to the Netherlands I called [Fortunati]. A very friendly lady spoke to me and told me that because of the heat, the wine will not be transported to N.Y. until October.

Oops I had not seen that. No pop-up and didn't read the invoice.

The lady asked me when I would be back in Rye and I answered, because I had not read this information a bit disappointed, 'in 2 years time.' Her reply was, 'I am going to hang up now and go straight to the warehouse— your wine will be in Rye tomorrow at 10.30am.'

Thank you all for the effort. It was delivered exactly at 10.30 a.m.

At the next family party at Christmas I will drink the Fortunati wine with love.

- FJ Fortunati (September 2023)

"Yesterday was truly an unforgettable experience and you all have gone above and beyond.
We’ll be back."

- Curt G., Lexington, KY (August 2023)

Five Stars

"In an area where vineyards are everywhere, Fortunati provided one of the best and most thoughtful tastings. Our wine educator got to know us and picked wines that fit what we love. This was also one of the only vineyards that so thoughtfully put together a food pairing with each wine. Highly recommend to anyone in the area!"

- Claire D. Google Review (August 2023)


"Phil was in the mood for a cabernet last night and pulled out the 2019 Fortunati – well let’s just say YUM!!  Absolutely wonderful cab! Shortly thereafter we headed to the back of the property with a team from Napa Wildlife Rescue and they released 2 barn owls who immediately took flight. A perfect evening – cabernet and owls!!"

— Morgan M. of Napa, CA (esteemed, long-time Cabernet Sauvignon grape-growers and ongoing source of Fortunati Cabernet Sauvignon fruit) 

member appreciation party

“Your winery was on the top of our list to visit while in Napa. We had every intention of joining the wine club upon our visit, but the opportunity to join the party made it a simple decision. Your wine did not disappoint, nor meeting the staff - best value in a cab in Napa!" 

– Loren L., Portland, OR (August 2023)

chardonnay cabrnet

“If you want absolutely exquisite wines, that recently have been winning all the awards, at a winery that has yet to fully caught the attention of the wine tasting public (think Apple in the early years) then this is your place. Fortunati Vineyards wines are as tasty as the best cult wines, but still flying under the radar—so the prices are a steal for what you’re getting. The tasting experience is a relaxing, elegant; sit down education with a charming host. We say it’s a must do!"

- We Drive Your Car Napa Valley (Summer 2023)


“We  opened a magnum of 2018 red Bordeaux last night of yours for Super Bowl party and it was awesome! It was perfectly balanced, mellow and nuanced. Delicious, and went with any type of food.”

- Tracy J., Belvedere, CA
(February 2023)

Five Stars

"Owners Gary and Ellen really take Napa Valley wine tasting to another level. At Fortunati, you feel like family. The tasting experience is intimate and thoughtful. My wife and I can't recommend this place enough. We joined the family via the wine club! Super fair prices and top quality wine."

- Tanner S. Google Review (October 2022)

Five Stars

"A boutique winery with excellent wines, a fabulous tasting experience, and a beautiful setting. We wanted an exceptional, intimate experience and that is exactly what we got! Highly recommend!."

- Megan M. Google Review (September 2022)


“Ever since we were introduced to grappa during our travels to Verona and Venice, it's been one of our favorite digestifs. We tried many, many grappas back here in the states— and they all came up short. Then we visited Fortunati and tasted the grappa. It was just superb. The Fortunati Grappa has all the strength and the smoothness, not to mention the quality, of the fine grappas of Northern Italy— and I had not been able to find that for YEARS in the US. My wife and I both said at the same time – Verona, Italy (where amazing grappa is made)!

- Jesse O., Golden, CO (September 2022)

Five Stars

"Fabulous wine, gracious staff, incredible views. Did I say fabulous wine? Don't miss this boutique winery that only sells direct."

- Judy L. Google Review (August 2022)

View in Bordeaux

"...a vineyard in the Loire Valley and drinking Bordeaux wine in Bordeaux, France. It’s almost as good as Fortunati! Almost!"

- Larry S., Snowmass Village, CO - writing to us from France (July 2022)

View at Fortunati Vineyards

"One of the best family-owned vineyards in Napa Valley. The wines are award winning, reasonably priced and phenomenal."

- Marcia Lampman, shared on Facebook
(April 2022)

Tasting setup at the Alliance of Sommeliers of Central Florida event

“Our members raved over the 2018 Fortunati Signature Cabernet, and several members called out the 2019 Fortivo blend as their ‘best of show.’ Both reds were relatively young, so we decanted two hours prior to arrival, and by the time we started pouring they were showing well. The 2021 Pranzo Rose was the perfect greet wine to kick off our indoor picnic.”

- Dr. Wendy Howard, Alliance of Sommeliers of Central Florida (February 2022)

Tasting setup at Fortunati with pizza oven in the background

"The entire team was so kind and helpful from booking the reservation to the actual wine tasting. The views were breath taking and the vineyard was beautiful. Marc was so knowledgeable about each of the wines and what to pair it with. He kept us entertained and laughing. This was our first time in Napa and  Fortunati Vineyards was our favorite wine tasting experience. We can’t wait to come back!"

- Fortunata B., Chicago, IL (Nov. 2021)

Lineup of Fortunati wine bottles with ice bucket and flowers in the background

"Nice variety of wines selection to select from. Well made, well balanced wines. Well priced for the ultra- premium quality. Nice people behind the brand. Good story. Great tasting experience. Overall, wonderful.

Join the wine subscription if you're (fortunati) fortune enough to get some as I understand its fully allocated."

- Chuck S., Denver, CO (Sept. 2021)


Two bottles of Fortunati Cabernet Sauvignon



"We have been drinking your 2015 and 2016 Cabs recently, and they are outstanding!"

-Mike J., SF Bay Area

Close-up of Fortunati Syrah bottle


Every day is a celebration with your wonderful wines."

-Steven L., Wilmette/Chicago
(Dec. 2021)

Fortunati Chardonnay

"Thank you for hosting my guests today! They literally enjoyed every facet of their Fortunati tasting-experience. So much so, they decided to join the wine-club. You all make my tours a customer “favorite”… with the privilege of taking my guests to such an intimate & boutique experience. Cheers!"

Jim G., Driver in Napa, CA (Sept. 2021)

Fortunate Rose on a porch

“Smoker is rolling, yard work is complete! Now time to settle in with one of the best Rose’ I’ve tasted! Thank you @fortunativineyards for the great experience!"

- @wardellhaywoodhomes on Instagram (Sept. 2021)


Close-up of Fortunati Cork on a Rosé Bottle

"We moved to Napa in the middle of the Covid Pandemic. We didn't know a soul in town, but just decided this is where we wanted to be. Soon after we moved we thought it would be fun to do a wine tasting. We didn't know anything about Fortunati but saw the sign on the fence one day while driving by. I'm fairly positive Ellen answered the phone and she was so gracious and welcoming. The next day we went for our tasting outside with Kat. The first sip of the Chardonnay and I was blown away. It was perfect, and for me that is hard to say because I'm not a huge white wine connoisseur. Our tasting continued, and we met Ellen and the dogs. It was just a charming afternoon on the patio. I could see in the future when things return to normal riding our bikes down for winery events, so we signed up to be members on the spot. I really appreciate the intimacy of the property, the quality of the wines are top notch, and every experience I have had has been wonderful. We just feel so lucky to have found you, and that you are so close to our house." - Courtney F., Napa, CA (Feb. 2021)

Close-up of Fortunati emblem on gold foil on a wine bottle

“We have been here to Napa 8-10 times and this is definitely my favorite. Thanks so much."

- Lee D., St. Pete, FL (Sept. 2020)

Fortunate Pinot Noir

“I'm so annoyed! I really wanted to hate that last wine. And frankly, all subsequent ones. However, all were EXCELLENT, and I couldn't eliminate any from purchase. Sorry, I tried! Best winery, ever."

- Sheila R., Clevelend, OH (August 2020)


Fortunati Gift Set with two bottles in black box with gold bow

Fortunati Corporate Gifting Reviews

"Been getting some amazing thank you’s. Great presentation. Really appreciate your help, assistance, advice and follow up. Merry Christmas!" - Steve M. (2021)

"Thank you very much for the incredible follow up and customer service!" - Bob N. (2021)

"Thanks again for the update. All the effort and follow-up does not unnoticed by me." - Gerry R. (2021)

"Thank you all for your great customer service!" - Alex S.  (2020)

"You guys are the best. Please reserve more Magnums for next year. Merry Christmas" - Tim H (2021)