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Be Our Friend! Join the Friends of Fortunati

Joining the Friends of Fortunati wine subscription program guarantees members the opportunity to receive 1, 2, or more (!) cases of our ultra-premium, handcrafted, premium wines each year, and there is no cost for this membership!  As we produce only tiny amounts of our award-winning wines, becoming a Friend ensures you'll get our limited availability, small production wines! We always sell out, so joining our wine subscription program not only guarantees you will receive your allotment, it also provides access to our wines throughout the year (as available). Plus we'll give you a discount for being our friend—because that's just what friends do, right?

Keeping it easy and simple is what it's all about.  We don't force you to take any wines you don't want. We offer our top picks in our popular Vintners Selection, available in "Reds Only" or "Mixed" (2/3 reds, 1/3 whites), but you can always customize your order, ensuring you get what you want with each shipment.


Step 1: Select your preferred quantity/discount level.

Regular club shipments are twice a year, in the spring and fall, dependent on weather, temperature and bottling conditions.  Typically they are sometime in April/May, and September/October.

Triple Winner

More wine, more often (or both)=more access!

Discount: 25% off club purchases, plus additional access.

Select Triple Winner →

Double Fortune

12 bottles per shipment (2 cases/year).

Discount: 25% off club shipments and purchases.

Select Double Fortune →

Lucky One

6 bottles per shipment
(1 case/year).

Discount: 15% off club shipments and purchases.

Select Lucky One →