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Friends of Fortunati - Triple Winner
More than 12 bottles per shipment, or...
More often than twice each year (or both!)

Step 2: Select your desired wine combinations (pick from any of the groups below)

Vintners Selections—(Our most popular!) Gary and Ellen personally select a variety of our top performing, most exciting wines to ensure you always have something luscious to drink for any occassion!  This is the quickest and easiest way to always get the best of what we have, but you can also make an adjustment to any order prior to the shipment date.  Vintners Selections are available in two flavors:                            

Full Mix

2/3 Reds and 1/3 White Wines

Vintners Select Mix

Reds Only

All red wines, baby!

Vintners Select Reds

Customized Selections—you do the picking, and we'll do the rest!  We'll send you our tasting notes to review, and you can choose your selections from our current offerings, or select your favorties once and keep a standing order on file.

My Choice

Total customization, you tell us which wines you want for each shipment.

My Choice

My Favs

A standing order of your favorite wines we'll ship to you twice each year. 

My Favs

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