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Accessory-Etched Riedel Crystal Decanter
Elegant European Crystal

Accessory-Etched Riedel Crystal Decanter
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Known as the "Cabernet" Decanter, this elegant crystal decanter will give your wines room to breathe.  Comfortably holds 1050 ml/37 oz (a regular bottle of wine is 750ml). No other name is as closely associated with European glass art and the appreciation of wine via advanced glass technology as that of RIEDEL. That's why every glass we use while tasting, including the decanters, bears the Riedel lettering as a unique distinguishing feature. Now, celebrate your pleasure of great wine with a beautiful decanter etched with the Fortunati logo!

We encourage you to make every sip a taste sensation! Elevate your wine appreciation by using glassware which is a pleasure to drink from: every Riedel glass piece arises out of sensory workshops designed to engage all the senses. Touch, smell, taste, see and hear the quality of Riedel!

Riedel quality features:

  • Crystal glass of the highest quality
  • Dishwasher Proof (certified dishwasher safe for 1500 cycles, which corresponds to a lifespan of 10 years, without any visible deterioration of the glass surface)
  • Machine blown for consistancy
  • Unique design


Available in two versions, logo engraved for $75, and non-logoed for $60.